Alkemy X


Creating VFX for episodic and feature projects is a hard road. Short schedules, limited budgets and increasingly more complicated concepts are the new normal. Alkemy X's creative teams and VFX artists are able to deliver inspired work by providing the highest production value in the space. Together we’re able to call on over a decade of experience in this vertical which has allowed us to create efficiencies and innovations that benefit our clients as we deliver VFX magic for both the small and big screens.

Utilizing the NY State Film incentives, we’ve been the standout leader for VFX work in NYC and that has led us to work on titles like Split, Power (Starz), Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Righteous Gemstones, Maniac (Netflix), Fear the Walking Dead, The Leftovers, Mr. Robot, Blindspot (NBC), The Kitchen (WB), and many more.