Alkemy X

Our live action division represents a diverse team of filmmakers.

Our roster of award-winning directors bring their broad range of talent to the table, and our technical experts and producers combine their deep production experience with innovative approaches to produce content for any genre or media, anywhere in the world.

Over the years we’ve created countless commercials, promos, branded content, and long form films for clients like Samsung, T-Mobile, Bose, Toyota, Google and many, many others.

We frequently deploy emerging technology in our workflows, whether using VR platforms for client reviews, pre-visualization and set planning, to shooting in fully virtual environments using Unreal engine. 

We’ve been a leader in diversifying our crews and in lowering the barriers of entry to our industry.

Our team was one of the first to develop Covid-safe production protocols, ensuring safe sets while helping our clients to meet their goals. We produced the first SAG commercial project after the pandemic lockdown and have been a leader in the evolving Covid-safety procedures for commercial production ever since.

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