Alkemy X

Diana Caputo started her career at NFL Films where she spent time in both live-action and post-production. After a short time at Criterion Communications as Supervisor/Post, she settled in for a lengthy and rewarding career at Shooters, now Alkemy X, where she served as Head of Production for a short time before moving into her role in Business Development. Having a background in both production and post has helped her strategize on behalf of her clients immensely. She has worked with agencies and companies nationwide and has enjoyed pairing projects with an appropriate creative team. Watching it all come together - and having fun while doing it - is the name of the game….. and she loves it.

AX: You have been working with clients at Alkemy X for over 27 years. As an experienced business development pro, what’s your take on where the industry is at today and what’s ahead? 

DC: The business has changed so much over my career. I’ve sold the “latest and greatest” fancy equipment/software, and I’ve sold “location, convenience, proximity”; but one thing never changes - selling the brilliant skills and talent of my co-workers. My time here has only lasted as long as it has (and will) because of the people I’m proud to put in front of our clients.

AX: Do you think there are specific characteristics a person needs to have to be a successful sales professional?  

DC: Obviously, liking people is a plus. Honesty and trustworthiness will garner long-standing relationships.

AX: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve encountered when navigating a client project, how did you help resolve the situation?

DC: If your co-workers are worthy of it - and mine CERTAINLY are - it’s important to stick together with your team and support them first… before you can resolve any problem with the client. Most problems occur from a lack of communication at some stage; I’ve learned it’s less important to point a finger and dwell on what got us there - and much more important to figure out how best to move forward, making sure that the client keeps full confidence in our team.

AX: Are there any tools or resources that are invaluable to your work?

DC: My phone and my sense of humor.

AX: What has been your experience navigating the constant changes in the media and advertising landscape? 

DC: I’ve been lucky enough to stay in my lane and skillset. There are really smart people around me staying ahead of industry trends, updating me, and sending me out into the world with new people and services to talk about.

AX: Your work is entirely communication and relationship-based, how do you continue growing your network and maintaining your connections?

DC: As I’ve said above, being honest with people and earning/maintaining their trust is the best way to have long-standing relationships, which are MUCH better in both work and personal life than quick one-off experiences. I’m so blessed to have continued my friendships with coworkers, clients, and friends from all of my years in the business. They are really cherished people in my life.

AX: Describe a memorable client experience that exceeded expectations, how did this collaboration form?

DC: While I obviously have a relationship established with my clients, I rely heavily on my co-workers to give me feedback on what’s happening on set, in edit rooms, audio rooms…..  I’m not there for some really important little nuggets that can help inform gestures we can make to improve their experience. There was a day many years ago when one of our largest clients got stuck in an edit for an entire day when she was supposed to be out within an hour. She had a personal event to attend that evening. We brought someone from a salon into the edit room - she had a mani/pedi while sitting at the client’s desk; we scheduled a hair appointment right up the block at lunchtime. She was able to accommodate her client successfully by 5:00 and head to her event as scheduled. She has told the story for YEARS.

AX: How do you collaborate with the greater business development team at Alkemy X to reach your goals?

DC: It has been amazing to learn from all the people I’ve worked alongside. Everyone has a different approach and perspective. I love younger people (they all are at this point) and their fresh ideas and energy. What a beautiful thing to balance that with experience and continue to be able to provide well-rounded support to our clients.

AX: How do you approach multitasking to meet and manage different client needs?

DC: Nothing’s better than being busy with multiple projects - wrapping one up while bidding the next; being on set shooting while discussing a project that’s a month out… the busiest times bring out more organized, collaborative efforts as a team and have been the happiest times of my career. The busier the better!

AX: What about working in business development and commercial sales is particularly special or enjoyable to you?

DC: Food. Food fixes everything. Homemade goodies in the office, on set, dropped off to an office…. we’ve landed more than one account at this place from fried meatballs. Doesn’t matter how far technology advances or what mega-star we hire. Meatballs stand the test of time.