Alkemy X

Coming off an incredibly successful run of contributions to recent Oscar-winning films including The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and The Whale, alongside recent work on a variety of upcoming independent feature films, global full-service entertainment studio Alkemy X has formally launched its Independent Film Services division.

For nearly forty-five years, Alkemy X has remained at the forefront of post-production with award-winning work. Designed to build upon that long-standing expertise with a now greater focus on independent feature films, Alkemy X has tapped Andrew Greenblatt for a strategic collaboration in leading the new Independent Film Services division forward. Leveraging his extensive network and experience in the independent film sector, Greenblatt will play a pivotal role in further enhancing Alkemy X's commitment to supporting filmmakers and productions within the independent film community.

While leading Alkemy X’s Independent Film Services division, Greenblatt will continue in his position as the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the Philadelphia Film Society, the nonprofit organization responsible for annually producing the Philadelphia Film Festival, as well as the management of the Philadelphia Film Center, PFS East, and PFS Bourse movie theaters and curation of year-round screenings, programming, and events. Alkemy X President & CEO Justin Wineburgh, a longstanding Board Member of the Philadelphia Film Society, currently serves as the Secretary on its Executive Committee.

Andrew Greenblatt brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the independent film landscape, cultivated through years of collaboration with filmmakers and participation in film festivals across the world. His enthusiasm for the work and depth of knowledge and connections pair seamlessly with Alkemy X's mission to provide top-notch post-production and visual effects services to independent filmmakers.

“To say that this a home run would be an understatement,” expressed Justin Wineburgh, Alkemy X President & CEO. “Andy is one of the most competent, hard-working, diligent individuals I have ever known. Most remarkably, he is always firmly on the pulse of the independent film world, and the specific needs of these incredible filmmakers. While Alkemy X has always led this industry, to now look to take our success to even greater heights with one of my closest friends is something special, I am beyond excited for our future together.”

Andrew Greenblatt shared, “I’m thrilled to partner with Justin and the exceptional team at Alkemy X to launch and help build this new Independent Film Services division. Having worked with Alkemy X for post-production on several films I’ve produced, I know first-hand the quality of their work as well as how easy and helpful the Alkemy X team is to work with. I’m excited to have the opportunity to introduce and share their talent and expertise with fellow independent filmmakers.”

This collaboration brings a fresh and innovative approach to Alkemy X’s already renowned suite of award-winning services, including post and finishing, audio, design and animation, visual effects, production services, and facilities. Now, Greenblatt’s insights and connections within the independent film world will not only strengthen Alkemy X's relationships within the industry, but also contribute to the development of tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of independent filmmakers.