Alkemy X
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Award-winning entertainment company Alkemy X has joined Green the Bid to support sustainable production practices in its Creative, Live Action, Editorial, and Visual Effects services. Green the Bid aims to support the transition of advertising, media, and production industries to zero-waste, carbon-neutral, sustainable and regenerative practices by 2030. 

Alkemy X is making investments in methane capture, biosequestration, and carbon capture projects across North America to offset the carbon footprint of each project, while also implementing a plan to manage e-waste and food waste in its offices. 

Despite advances in technology to make live action production carbon-neutral and zero-waste, the industry still produces thousands of pounds of waste every year. According to Good Planet Innovation, a typical live action shoot generates up to 800 lbs (363 kg) of trash per day and 80% of most waste generated is recyclable or compostable. With planning, that amount can be significantly reduced and more than 90% of what is left can be diverted from landfills. Alkemy X’s Live Action production team implements sustainable practices on every shoot, supporting its vendors to meet industry standards and encouraging all production partners to set and meet, or exceed, meaningful goals for sustainability. 

In Post Production and Visual Effects, the largest carbon impact is the ever-increasing demand for energy to process, move, and store high-resolution footage. The company is reducing its carbon footprint in this area by sourcing its electricity from wind-based energy producers.

Notes Alkemy X President & CEO Justin Wineburgh: ”Elevating sustainability practices and championing initiatives that minimise our carbon footprint are top priorities for Alkemy X. Making an impact is fundamental to everything we do, and we are passionate about leaving the world a better place than we found it.”