Alkemy X

Award-winning global entertainment company Alkemy X has continued the monumental expansion of its VFX division with the hire of Sarah Grieshammer as VFX supervisor. With nearly two decades of experience in visual effects, Sarah brings an exceptional eye for detail, colour, composition, animation, and storytelling to each of her projects. Combining a passion for new creative and technical challenges with an expertise for building customised teams, she brings a highly intuitive process of extracting a deep understanding of both client and artist needs and creating custom processes to achieve top-tier creative results. With experience across episodic, feature film and commercial projects, her top credits include films like The Amazing Spider-Man, The Hunger Games and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, as well as popular series including 'Stranger Things,' A Series of Unfortunate Events', 'Sleepy Hollow' and 'Your Honor.' 

Sarah joins Alkemy X in the midst of a tremendous period of growth for the VFX department, signalling a fortuitous reunion with former collaborator Mark Miller, executive producer, business development of VFX at Alkemy X. Sarah joins the expanding team with an excitement to jump into the forward momentum of the VFX team, after witnessing the department’s growth from afar. 

Notes Alkemy X president and CEO Justin Wineburgh, “Sarah’s profound positivity and enthusiasm for the innovative nature of the creative process is reflected in each and every project she works on. Her range of experience speaks for itself and we are thrilled to have such an optimistic and talented VFX supervisor join our rapidly growing VFX Department.”

Adds Sarah, “To me, visual effects is a unique opportunity to step back and see how all of the puzzle pieces fit together and how the collaboration of the various disciplines come together to form one cohesive piece. I’m thrilled to be a part of the rapid momentum that the VFX department at Alkemy X has been building over the last couple of years. The team has met me with the utmost enthusiasm and optimism, and I am excited to bring the same to my work with our team and clients.”

Ohio-born Sarah followed a lifelong passion for the arts to Los Angeles, studying Art and Animation at California State University, Los Angeles. Her strong sense for motion, colour and composition, alongside an inherent technical prowess, gave her a natural professional start in visual effects. Learning the industry through the lens of a compositor allowed her to gain a holistic understanding of the multitude of roles and departments within visual effects studios, using her artistic and technical skillsets to bring all of the disparate elements together to create the final vision. Already harnessing a comprehensive point of view of the strategic approach to visual effects, stepping up to the role of VFX Supervisor was an organic move she embraced as an opportunity to continue pushing the boundaries of what her team could deliver for clients. Working as an on-set supervisor allowed her to further deepen her grasp on the end-to-end process, developing an understanding of how she could best serve the holistic creative vision through visual effects.

In the interest of building a more diverse industry for the future, Sarah is passionate about mentoring emerging artists in the VFX industry, lending her expertise to broaden the awareness of the multitude of career path opportunities available. Currently based in New Orleans, she also periodically teaches visual effects at Loyola University New Orleans and continues to refine her love of fine art through oil painting.