Alkemy X

Award-winning global entertainment company Alkemy X has added commercial and film director Dean Blumberg to its roster for U.S. commercial representation. 

Living in Johannesburg, South Africa, but shooting globally, his obsession with story and performance has spurred an eclectic body of work spanning all genres. Thriving on challenges, the Cannes Lions-winner doesn’t believe in playing it safe--and his work reflects this emboldened approach. A voracious cinephile and lifelong student of the craft and world at large, his deep care for the audience experience is evident, with a throughline of cinematic storytelling coupled with a distinctly familiar playfulness. His body of work showcases his affinity for eliciting strong performances from actors on spots for such top brands as KFC, Virgin and Toyota, as well as campaigns with top celebrity talent including Sir Ben Kingsley and William Shatner.

"Dean’s work is unforgettable. In fact, most of his work tempts you to watch it again, which is almost unheard of in this age of disposable media. He’s a seasoned professional whose intellect and confidence are evident at all times in his approach to the work. We’re delighted to welcome Dean to our team of filmmakers and we’re excited to formally continue our collaboration," notes Alkemy X Director of Production Jim Huie.

“The team at Alkemy X not only has such a deep understanding of the current landscape of commercial production, but they also immediately grasped the trajectory of my directorial career. I’m thrilled to join such a robust team with a keen eye on the future of advertising,” adds Blumberg.