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sea shepherd "the plastic ocean" - design

Alkemy X recently teamed up with FF New York to produce a powerful PSA for the marine conservation organization Sea Shepherd, an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. Entitled “Stop The Plastic Ocean," the fully CG-animated piece is a heart-wrenching depiction of how plastic debris traumatically affects our marine wildlife, revealing that every year more than 1 million animals die from these man-made pollutants. In addition, Alkemy X, led by Creative Director Geoff Bailey, worked closely with FF Paris to develop the accompanying print and social media assets for the campaign.

We conducted extensive R&D in Maya and Houdini to create the mercurial look and feel of the material that comprises the stylized ocean world – a hybrid of water and plastic.

The beautifully haunting quality of the score from Tuesday Collective underscores the balletic feel of the visuals. The repetitive and layered style of the track slowly deconstructs to a single note, taking the viewer to the verge of death before a subtle key change expresses a sense of hope -- that is, if the viewers take action.

Sea Shepherd Case Study

Sea Shepherd "The Plastic Ocean" Breakdown 1

Sea Shepherd "The Plastic Ocean" Breakdown 2


title of ad: plastic ocean

client: sea shepherd

agency: ff new york

chief creative officers: fred & farid

creative director: laurent leccia

associate creative director: michael hess

business lead: amanda hellman

brand supervisor: heather stimmler, amanda hellman
executive producer: amanda van caneghem

director of business affairs: lisa rosario 

director: geoff bailey

senior producer: jason sonner

cg supervisor: dave zeevalk

3d lead: brendan fitzgerald

fx: brendan fitzgerald

3d artists: dave zeevalk, adam stockholm, pete hamilton

compositors: matthew robinson, alejandro monzon

vfx editor: lucas andrei

music by tuesday collective

music producers: vida ventura, hallie bonnar

vocal talent: scarlet lastrapes

cd/composer: theo

case study music provided by:
free musicarchive

tracks used:
cylinder five by chris zabriskie
epoch by jon luc hefferman
eight by marcel pequel