Andy Singer

EVP TV & Digital Content

Andy Singer has been responsible for some of the most-watched and critically-acclaimed content on TV including : House Hunters, Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, Man vs Food, Rehab Addict, Vanilla Ice Project, House Crashers, Bizarre Foods America, Expedition Unknown, Booze Traveler, Ghost Adventurers, Mysteries at the Museum.

Brittany George

Manager, TV & Digital Content

Prior to joining Alkemy X, Brittany George developed content for Left Field Pictures, known for their hit series Pawn Stars, Counting Cars, Alone, and American Grit.

Unique Rides

Auto customizer to the stars, Will Castro and Team Unique turn ordinary vehicles into extraordinary works of art. From an '83 Rolls Limo for Erik Estrada, to a '67 Chevelle for Nick Cannon, to a juiced-up Jeep for DJ Khaled, these rides are literally transformed by the best team in the business.


Restaurant Impossible

Saving a failing restaurant is a daunting challenge under the best of circumstances. But Chef Robert Irvine rescues these desperate places from complete collapse. 

Real American Psycho

In Development

Doll Skin

In Development

Old Knives Tales

In Development

Dirt Devils

In Development

Masters of Grit

In Development

Dinner Impossible

Famous Food Network chef Robert Irvine is challenged to overcome several culinary obstacles and deliver a memorable, delicious meal before time runs out.

Bar Hunters

Renowned bar expert and sommelier Tom Powers uses his lounge and taproom expertise to help first-time bar owners find their dream bars in the new series BAR HUNTERS. 

Food Feuds

Across the country, heated rivalries divide passionate locals in cities big and small — over which dish defines the district. From meaty lobster rolls and golden fried clams to juicy meatballs and luscious cheesecake, these signature dishes polarize the community. Chef Michael Symon searches for the country's most long-standing dish disputes to settle once and for all.